Toyah Mayor Indicted on Six Counts, Including Bank Fraud

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

TOYAH- Toyah Mayor Bart Sanchez was indicted on Wednesday on six total counts, including bank fraud, wire fraud, and 4 counts of aggravated identity theft.

He is accused of writing checks using several city bank accounts for his personal use. The indictment claims that he was using a city vehicle instead of his personal vehicle and asking for mileage reimbursements.

Between September of 2008 and September of 2009, Sanchez paid himself mileage reimbursement for having driven over 9 thousand miles for the City of Toyah. The total land area of Toyah is only 1.6 square miles.

According to the indictment, Sanchez repeatedly misused money allocated to the city. He allegedly opened up an account called "Street Accounts" but never told the city. Then he deposited a check into that account totaling over 228-thousand dollars. The City of Toyah did not see any of that money.

Again, he's accused of repeatedly misusing money meant for the city.

Sanchez was arrested Friday in Toyah.