State of Texas Trying to Seize YFZ Ranch in Eldorado

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ELDORADO - The State is trying to seize Polygamist Leader Warren Jeff's Ranch in Eldorado.

As NewsWest 9 reported earlier this month, the Schleicher County Sheriff's Office says the compound has been quiet.

It almost looks deserted from the air.

A judge will determine whether the state can take control of the massive property.

Until then, sect members are allowed to continue living there.

It's unknown how many families live at the Yearning For Zion ranch where several members were convicted of raping underage girls.

Earlier this month, NewsWest 9 showed you how desolate the ranch is.

Four years after the raid, there's a noticeable lack of activity around the compound and FLDS members aren't seen around town anymore.

Jeffs was convicted last year of sexually assaulting two of his underage brides.

He is serving life in prison in Texas.