Witnesses Take The Stand, Describe Incident After Man Was Allegedly Stabbed Because of His Race

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Several witnesses took the stand to paint a better picture of what may have happened the night Levi Drone was stabbed. Drew Nickason is accused of stabbing Drone.

According to Drone's friend who testified, he says a group of six to eight white men started yelling racial slurs at them in the parking lot of the Buffalo Wild Wings in Midland back in December of last year.

That's when he says Drone approached the men and said, "Are you talking to us?"

At that point, an argument broke out between both groups of men. The witness claims one of the white men brandished a gun and hit him over the head and in the mouth. That's when a brawl started in the parking lot.

A second man who took the stand claims it was a, "White against Black fight."

Eventually the fight stopped and everyone took off when someone called for help.

Moments later, according to a witness, Drew Nickason and another man came back and approached Levi Drone who was still in the parking lot.

Drone felt threatened, took his belt off, and tried to hit the men, but fell to the ground.

That's when, according to the witness, Nickason stabbed Drone on the back side of his left arm.

The trial will reconvene Wednesday at 1 p.m.