Odessa Family Forced Out Of Their Home After Massive Fire

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A local family has been forced to start over after their home went up in flames Friday night. What's left of the Adcock family home is charred wood and broken glass, however they are doing well and are grateful they were out of harms way.

"Thanks to the good Lord that we're all standing here today. All of our animals are good, everybody is fine," Homeowner, Rodney Adcock, said.

Ashes are all over the ground and the fire also ravaged a car parked in the drive way. The smell of burnt wood still lingers at the home off the 4100 block of Melody Lane in Odessa. The Adcock family is still trying to make sense of it all.

"There's so many feelings going through my mind, it's hard to tell you exactly. There's anger, there's sadness, there's frustration that you can't help. All those feelings," Adcock said.

The two alarm fire brought out several engines on the scene. The neighbors house also got a taste of the fire and crews were able to save the family's dog. The family wasn't at home when the fire started. They say they're were actually planning a barbecue at their home but changed their minds and headed out.

They say they've been getting an overwhelming response from people trying to help them out.

"It's hard, but we've had a lot family and friends and people that cared in the community. Thank God, we have community. Church and community," Wife, Shayne Adcock, said.

As the investigation continues on what exactly caused the fire, the family is trying to salvage what they can from a home stained by smoke and water. This holiday season, they'll be staying with family or friends while they try to fix their home so it can be livable again.

"Try to put it back like it was, at least as it was," Adcock said.

The actual cost of the damage is still being tallied up. Still the family knows that there are other people who have even less.