Local Businesses Gear Up For Small Business Saturday

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Normally after Thanksgiving people wait in line for Black Friday deals. As you know, this is when major retail stores want to attract as many shoppers to their business. However locally owned retail shops also have a day known as "Small Business Saturday," this is when local residents are encouraged to shop locally.

Some Business owners that NewsWest 9 talked to say they use all sources of media to attract customers for Small Business Saturday.

"We feel Facebook helps us, we have been in business for 43 years and we have a great following of customers and we really appreciate our customers base," Scott Ragan, owner of Ski Skeller Sports in Midland, said.

"On Facebook, we use that a lot, we use our e-mail, we use Twitter, we have billboards in Midland and Odessa," Becky McCraney, co-owner of Miss Casey's Christmas, said.

Black Friday deals from major retail stores have been going on throughout the day, Saturday is when residents are encouraged to support and shop at local stores.

"Small business drives the economy. For our customers to shop local means so much us, it  keeps us going, keeps the money here locally, just better for everyone," Ragan said.

Allison Tindle, owner of the Pink Tumbleweed, says Midland is one of a kind, when it comes down to supporting local businesses.

"I think Midland is great about supporting year round. I really notice it here, they like to support local businesses its great," Tindle said.

Business owners explain some of the advantages of shopping locally.

"Not everybody in town will have the one thing that you pick out here. We don't have hundreds of the one item, we just have a handful of each thing," Tindle said.

"Shopping local you get personalized service, they can come in sit down and relax, you don't have to fight the crowds," Ragan said.

McCraney has been in business for 28 years and says local businesses should support each other no matter what time of the year it is.

"We can band with each other and shop with each other and support each other," McCraney said.