Accident in Midland County Leaves Behind Big Mess, Knocks Out Power

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A major wreck on Wednesday morning in Midland leaves the area with a power shortage and a big mess on the Highway.

The accident happened a little before noon at the underpass of Highway 191 and FM 1788.

We're told an 18 wheeler was going south on FM 1788 when a Ford SUV made a left turn toward Highway 191 and they crashed into each other.

A fuel tank on the 18 wheeler ruptured during the collision and fuel was leaking on to FM 1788.

TXDOT had to go clean up.

The wreck damaged an electrical pole nearby which caused a minor power shortage.

ONCOR is working to fix the damage.

There were no injuries and no tickets have been given yet.

The wreck is under investigation.