First Moments Following Train Crash Are Heard

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- We're hearing the voices of emergency responders, from the first moments following the accident involving a train crashing into a parade float carrying war veterans and their spouses. NewsWest 9 obtained their radio communications, and it's clear right from the start, they wasted no time calling in as much help as they could get.

The audio may sound like scenes out of a movie, but in this case, it's all reality. As emergency responders saw the entire tragedy unfold right in front of their very eyes.

"The trailer got hit by a train, we need EMS units any EMS units as you can .." "Engine 343, dispatch, there's going to be 18 wheeler with several passengers on board." "We need to start blocking off front street and Garfield at this intersection and go about four to five blocks in either direction."

That's just some of the communications that emergency crews said which on the scene of the train crash site last Thursday where over a dozen people were injured and the end result killing four veterans.

"We need the ambulances on the south side of the railroad tracks and as many as we can."

You can hear the sounds of the railroad crossing alarm signals in the background as well as the cry of help from people.

"We have multiple patients and send everything they have.." "We need to call code 1000, we got at least 12 injuries here. We need every available ambulance we can get."

All hands were on deck that day, from law enforcement to Midland Memorial Hospital, which was where almost all of the victims were rushed to.

"We have John Hamilton at the ED at the hospital. He's going to get everything set to start receiving patients as they come in."

The recordings are about nine minutes long.