Lawyer Representing One Train Victim Speaks to NewsWest 9

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

We're hearing more from the lawyer who plans on representing several families in this case.

Kevin Glasheen and Robert Pottroff will be teaming up to represent one of the victims who was severely injured in the crash.

However, we're told they are also talking to several other families who lost loved ones.

The attorneys sent in a team of experts this weekend to investigate the site of the accident.

NewsWest 9 talked to Glasheen about what they expect to find.

"Well usually after 60 to 90 days we have a pretty good idea of what the issues are that we're focusing on. Generally what happens in these cases is we identify the problem with the rail road operation and they try to point the finger at everyone else and then we spend the next year sorting out their smoke screens and rabbit trails. We prepare our cases for trial and hope they settle,"

The two lawyers will hold a press conference on Monday morning in front of the Midland County Courthouse.