Midland Woman Opens Her Home To Help Affected Families

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND- Continuing support has been pouring out from West Texans since the train tragedy. One Midland woman is lending a big hand by opening up her home to complete strangers who have been affected by this crash.

Kelly Keating has military ties. Her brother is in the military and she says if he was in a position like so many are right now from this accident, she would hope good Samaritans would come along.

"It's almost impossible to find a motel or a hotel or anywhere to stay. So I thought well, I would hate for these families to fly in and not have anywhere to even to take a shower or freshen up. I have three bathrooms that are not being used right now and love for any of them to come use the beds, whatever they need," Keating said.

She gave breakfast to those families at the hospital Friday morning and is planning to bring them dinner on Friday night as well.

"I think when we have a tragedy like this strike, the community needs to come together and help the ones involved," Keating said.

According to Keating, there's been a lot of faith and prayers are being expressed inside Midland Memorial Hospital. She says some of the families aren't asking for anything but she feels in her heart to help out anyway.

"Offering our home and anything else we can do, just let me know," Keating said.

Keating said her home is open all weekend long and as much as it is needed. You can contact her at kkeating@yahoo.com.