EXCLUSIVE: Abused, Dead Horses Turning Up On Midland County Road

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A disturbing case of animal abuse in Midland County. Several horses have been dumped on a stretch of Cotton Flat Road and two of them were found dead.

Two others had been stabbed and shot but they survived and now the Midland County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

For horse lover Michael Jones, it's hard to understand how anyone could hurt one of these animals. He runs a horse rescue called Second Chance Ranch.

But about two weeks ago on his way home, he saw something shocking.

"It's hind legs had been tied up with a rope and it was tied to the telephone post," Jones said.

A horse that appeared malnourished was dead on the side of Cotton Flat Road. The Midland County Sheriff's Office came to investigate.

Jones says just a few days later another horse turned up dead.

"It looked like it was a baby," Jones said. "It was dumped in the same area, dead and it was probably maybe a six or seven month old."

Sadly this isn't the first time Jones has seen something like this. Back in July, he found a horse shot and left for dead in the same area.

The Sheriff's Office said, "the horse was found with a gunshot wound to the chest area and exit wound just past the shoulder. The horse also appeared malnourished."

The horse survived. It was nursed back to health and then turned over to the Midland SPCA.

But not long after the first discovery, he came across another grizzly scene.

"It was a brown and white paint horse that had been stabbed a couple of times and was bleeding all over the place on the road down there," Jones said.

Amazingly that horse also survived.

Investigators have reports on at least two of these incidents.

In the case of the horse found tied, we're told there was no evidence that the horse died at the location so it's being treated as an illegal dumping case.

But the Sheriff's Office has a hard time tracking down the horse owners because "most do not have any brands or owner applied markings and some that do have not registered the brand or markings."

Investigators and Jones are asking the public to keep a watchful eye so whoever's responsible is caught soon.

"To see one that's been abused like the one we got that was stabbed, we take that real personal," Jones said.

If you're having trouble taking care of a horse or if you would like to know more about the Second Chance Ranch horse rescue facility, you can contact the following resources:

Second Chance Ranch
Dr. Michael F. Jones

West Texas Equine Rescue