CRMWD Lifts Water Restrictions

Staff Report/Mike Henry/KBYG
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - CRMWD Board of Directors have voted in favor of recommendations from General Manager John Grant to lift water usage restrictions in deliveries to member cities like Big Spring.

The board voted on the issue during their meeting today (Wed).

A much better year of precipitation compared to 2011, especially big rains in late September, have bolstered CRMWD reservoirs like Lake Ivie significantly.

Some form of restrictions have been in place since last year. Lifting the water delivery restrictions will allow communities to also let up on water usage rules that have been established, but no word yet from City of Big Spring officials on when they plan to make the announcements.

Increased surface water, along with the Ward County pipeline completion anticipated for next month, are much improved news for West Texans compared to this time last year.