Petition Listed Online For Texas To Secede from the Union

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's been a joke among Texans for years on how the Lone Star State could or should secede from the Union. Now it looks like an online petition is gaining some steam, not only for Texas to secede but 33 other states as well.

Governor Perry mentioned it more than once but the question is was he really serious?

The petition was filed last Friday and asks the Obama Administration to peacefully secede from the Union. The petition appeared on a section of the White House website called "We the People."

NewsWest 9 asked Courtney Ross, who is an Odessa resident, what she thought about Texas becoming its own country.

"Sustain our state by ourselves without the government coming in and trying to dictate what we need and what we don't need," Ross said.

As you can imagine a topic of this magnitude would have the state divided, some of our viewers made their voices heard and expressed how they felt about Texas seceding from the union on our Facebook page.

One viewer wrote, "I am not for it. While I believe Texas could most definitely sustain itself- we have oil, agriculture, ports, the economy, etc. We are definitely a United State but we are supposed to be United States."

Josh Havens, Spokesperson for Governor Rick Perry, says the Governor has no plans from seceding from the Union and he believes this country has been and will continue to be a great nation.

"The Governor still believes in the greatness of this Union, he believes in the greatness of this country and absolutely sees no reason to dissolve it," Havens said.

Havens says this should be a wake up call to the Obama Administration that reflects how Texas and the rest of the country feel of how things are being run in Washington.

"What this shows is that there are a lot of Americans out there who are quite frankly fed up with Federal Government, they are tired of the continual tax and spending that's coming out of Congress. The kind of one size fits all mindset," Havens said.

Anyone with a U.S. zip code can submit or sign a petition. In order for the Obama Administration to comment on the petition, it must have more than 25,000 signatures. Texas has more than 84,000 signatures in their petition.