West Texas Veterinarians Seeing Higher Number of Parvo, Distemper Cases in Dogs

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Veterinarians in West Texas are seeing an alarming number of parvo and distemper cases in dogs.

Both of which can be deadly.

Both parvo and distemper are contagious and cause vomiting in dogs.

Most puppies are vaccinated at an early age but with the increase of animals in the area, many pet owners aren't vaccinating.

One vet, Doctor Tiffani Ashing at 8th Street Animal Hospital in Odessa says they haven't seen this many cases in quite a while.

Although they are seeing a rise in parvo, the most disturbing numbers are the distemper cases.

If your pet is showing signs of either parvo or distemper, take them to the vet immediately and take precautions.

Be sure to wipe their paws after they go outside and get them vaccinated.