Threats Made Against Police Departments in Midland, Fort Stockton on "Topix" Website

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Threats against the police departments in both Midland and Fort Stockton has the FBI and even Homeland Security stepping in. Apparently all of the threats were made on a public forum called "Topix."

The posts were made by the username "El Diablo" and the threats are disturbing.

Ryan Stout with the City of Midland confirmed to NewsWest 9 that the online threats under the name "El Diablo" have been made against police department employees and that the situation is currently under investigation.

As for Sheriff Painter with the Midland County Sheriff's Office, he says he has not seen not heard any threats.

We tried to contact Fort Stockton Police but we were unable to get any kind of confirmation.

The online post has been taken down from the website "Topix" but we were able to find several quotes of "El Diablo's" posts.

The post was titled as an "Open Letter to Midland Police Department." It reads, "we are going to cut Sgt. Chavez head off and feed it to our dogs, and we are going to kidnap Brittany Robinson before Jan.1. You have been warned. Sheriff Painter your family will be all gone by that time too."

Another excerpt reads, "We will put pipe bombs in public places on Dec. 25 and will create carnage unimaginable. You started this game, now it is up to us to end it. No family member from Midland Police Department employees will be safe. We have a green light on any man woman or child related to anyone working for the Midland Police Department. We have all your names and whereabouts, we will strike without mercy and your corrupt department will fell all the pain you have inflicted on the Mexican community through your racism and partiality."

The threats against the Fort Stockton Police Department also threaten murder.

The FBI also tells NewsWest 9, they are assisting Homeland Security with their investigation.

Stay with NewsWest 9 as we work to get more information on this developing story.