Local Veteran Honoring Other Veterans

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- People across the Permian Basin are observing Veterans Day. NewsWest 9 spoke to one local Veteran about her experience serving in the Army.

She served for eight years and comes from a lineage of military service and on Monday she's holding an event to give back to those who served.

Her father served in the Vietnam and Korean War and her uncle served along side Colin Powell and worked at the Pentagon.

Three generations of military service in Janetta Olaseni's family and she says it was inevitable for her to join the military.

"We have like a real strong service up bringing, we were just brought up that way," Veteran, Janetta Olaseni, said.

Olaseni said God and Country has always been established in her family. In 2000, she enlisted in the Army, she was based out of Fort Hood and served a tour in Bosnia on a peacekeeping mission.

"It was fun, really fun, very exciting and scary at times depending where they place you," Olaseni said.

She was part of the aviation support unit and in her time in the service she says it made her a stronger and better person.

"It really taught me alot of value and alot of moral ethics," Olaseni said.

Now as a civilian, she's married, her husband is a veteran too. She went to school and became an RN and now heads the Hands of Compassion Home Care Company in Midland which serves the disabled and elderly community. Most of her staff have served in the military and on Monday night she's giving back to Veterans with a dinner to honor them.

"We're kind of giving back, giving back to those who have given back so much to this country and to us," Olaseni said.

She says every year when Veterans Day holiday comes, her mind is etched by those who are still away, away from friends and away from loved ones.

"I think about how many people are there still and me being there before I kind of know what they're going through. When that day comes around I'm really kind of like overwhelmed. I feel like wow, it's an honor," Olaseni said.

The dinner was to honor Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts 4149 and 7208.