Man in Van Follows Children Around Andrews, Suspect Possibly Connected Now Behind Bars

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- For the past few days, talks of a man following children around in Andrews have had families worried about sending their young ones outside. Now, one man is behind bars because of his possible connection to all of this but police are still not sure if he's the one to blame.

Last Sunday, the Andrews Police Department got a call about a man in a white van in a residential part of the county. He was reportedly driving near a boy who was playing outside.

Police Chief Sam Jones says, "The child was uneasy so he went inside and told his grandparents what was going on. Then the van disappeared."

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the Andrews County Sheriff's Department was called out to a report of a suspicious vehicle following a few kids home from school.

"It was in the area of Devonian Elementary which is in northwest Andrews," Sheriff, Bud Jones, said.

When deputies arrived, the vehicle had already taken off.

"However, the description was of a white van occupied by a Hispanic male or a Caucasian male," Jones said.

On Thursday morning, another call came in of a suspicious white van outside of Clearfork Elementary on Avenue K. The van was reportedly being driven by a Hispanic man.

A short while later, officers and deputies found the man in the van in the northeast part of Andrews. The van matched the description being sought out by both agencies for following kids around in recent days.

"[The suspect] failed to answer normal questions that he should have been able to answer and [he] acted very suspicious," Jones said.

"They were able to determine that he was undocumented and [INS] requested that we put a hold on him," Jones said.

The suspect is currently behind bars in the Andrews jail because of his immigration status. Authorities continue to investigate. It is still unknown if this detained suspect is actually the man behind the suspicious vehicle calls that have come in over the past few days.