Ector County District Attorney Speaks Out About Burwell Guilty Verdict

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- An Odessa man has learned his sentence after being found guilty of capital murder. It took jury members 35 minutes to find 28-year-old James Doyle Burwell guilty of three counts of capital murder.

Burwell walked into an Ector County Sheriff's Office vehicle hand cuffed and showing no emotion after a guilty verdict from jurors on Thursday afternoon.

"We'll we're happy with the result the jury decided really quick and we got a life sentence without parole. He will die in prison just where he should die," Ector County District Attorney, Bobby Bland, said.

Burwell was convicted for killing Dick and Peggy Glover in Odessa on May 22 of 2011.

Police said Burwell stabbed the couple in their home then took their credit cards and took off in their 2007 Lincoln Navigator.

A short time later, the SUV was located in Lubbock through the vehicle's GPS and that's where law enforcement arrested Burwell.

During the two day trial, prosecutors showed evidence and photographs from the gruesome scene. A medical examiner brought in on Thursday said Peggy died from getting her throat slashed open almost decapitating her while Dick died from fatal wounds on his chest and back.

The defense argued that Burwell's fingerprints was never on the knife used. But prosecutors said there was enough to show Burwell did it.

"We had plenty of evidence, they can make their argument, but that fact is there was overwhelming evidence of his guilt, they should have decided this fast and they did. We appreciate the work of the jury," Bland said.

Burwell never took the stand and the death penalty was waived at the request of the Glover family. Bland says justice was done.

"It was important to honor the memory of Dick and Peggy Glover and make sure the person that did this horrible act paid the ultimate price, that he could pay, which is life in prison. So therefore, I am very happy in behalf of the family," Bland said.