Storage Units In Odessa Are Busier Than Usual

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Most people who move to the Basin and don't find a place to live right away are having to store their household goods in storage units, some are even storing ATV's and motorcycles.

Even with 600 storage units, Guardian Storage Units have been up to capacity since the oil boom started.

Lynn Werner, who's the manager of the facility, says many families have moved to the Basin, but due to the lack of housing they are moving into smaller apartment units or with relatives and are having to store their goods in storage units.

"They are all looking for a place to live so we do have a lot of people from out of town that came here to work," Werner said.

If you think people are only storing households goods, think again, some are having to store their cars in units.

"We have lots of vehicles in our storage facility because people either they don't want to leave them [recreational vehicles] outside or they are staying in hotels and they don't have a place to leave them where they are safe and secure," Werner said.

She tells NewsWest 9 because they do have a 24 hour security system that's a reason why they are constantly occupied.

"We also have great security. You have access to the storage units 24 hours a day. However, we do have security cameras, it's a gated property so you need to have a code to get in and out of the facility," Werner said.

She knows storage units are a hot commodity and makes sure no unit is ever empty.

"I tour the property every morning, sometimes more than once a day, to try to find empty units. I try to stay on top of people who are going to move out so we don't have a day that a unit is empty because someone is needing it," Werner said.