Big Spring Residents Made Their Voice Heard Loud and Clear Regarding EDC Change

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - After the polling sites were closed and the ballots tallied, there was a decision made in the two elections that were held in Howard County, 55 percent of voters cast their ballot to replace County Commissioner for Precinct 1 Emma Brown with Oscar Garcia.

Garcia says he is pleased to have won the election and says as soon as he is sworn in, he will begin to look into the needs of the precinct he will be representing.

"I would like to start working as soon as I can. I know there are areas that can be looked at and worked on to improve the community. I want to work not only in improving the community for Precinct 1 taxpayers but for all Howard County," Garcia said.

The bigger race was to determine whether the Economic Development Corporation would remain as a Type 4A Corporation or whether voters would vote in favor of Proposition 1changing it to a Type 4B. Residents made their voices heard, 61 percent of voters voted against the change. According to Larry McLellan. the former President of the EDC. this is good news.

"The EDC has helped alot of people in this town and they've helped the city alot. I think it's time to go back to the drawing board, let the EDC do their job and bring Big Spring up to where we deserve to be," McLellan said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Mayor Tommy Duncan and he says although the results are not what he was hoping for, he will continue to work hand in hand with the EDC to make Big Spring a better place.

"I am only one person the council gratefully supported the decision of allowing the community to vote on this. Now, they have made their decision and we want to move forward and do what's best for Big Spring," Duncan said.

Although the proposition was suggested by the Mayor several months ago, he says Big Spring residents made the best decision by educating themselves on the issue.

"They made the educated decision on what they wanted so at this point I am very comfortable what the community has chosen and look forward moving Big Spring ahead in the future," Duncan said.