Final Push for Odessa Mayoral Candidates, School Bond

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- A big push from Odessa Mayoral candidates, as they try to gain more support from voters in the final hours before the election, but they aren't the only ones. Supporters of the school bonds in Midland/Ector Counties are also trying to make their case.

A final appeal for voters to vote yes on a multi-million dollar school bond in Midland and Ector counties and a final persuasion from Odessa Mayoral candidates, hoping to win the top spot in City Hall. David Turner is going head to head with Mark Ritter.

"I'm going to be a people mayor," Odessa Mayor Candidate, Mark Ritter, said.

"I'm the candidate of experience," Odessa Mayor Candidate, David Turner, said.

The future of water is a top concern for both candidates. Turner has 19 years of business experience and served the last six years on Odessa College Board of Trustees, he's also a owner of seven local Subway restaurants.

While Ritter has a Navy background and says his time working with water issues in the military has prepared him and he says he's more accessible and people oriented.

Both say they'll tackle other issues in the city.

"Tackle housing, we also need to tackle employees for our companies because as you drive around town, you see many help wanted signs," Tuner said.

"There's some major problems in the police department that we need to look at, staffing, getting people out of the desk and getting more patrol officers on the street," Ritter said.

Whoever wins will take office three weeks from Tuesday on November 27th.

Another big race is in Midland as Midland ISD is asking taxpayers to say yes to a $163 million bond to provide new technology to 24 elementary schools, renovate old schools and to build three new ones.

"Midland is still at the very bottom as far as what they spend per student. Our debt is one of the lowest in the state as far as how much we're spending per student. So what that in mind, we are still being very responsible of the communities commitment should the bond pass," Laura Roman with "For A Better Midland," said.

Over in Ector County, ECISD has a $129 million dollar bond proposal that will help the district go to a middle school system, build three elementary schools and add extensions to Permian and OHS to accommodate 9th graders.

"This bond issue is one step in moving ECISD closer to becoming a place for students love to learn and teachers love to teach," Collin Sewell with Odessans For Kids, said.

All candidates and supporters say that if you agree with them or not, the important thing is to let your voice be heard.