Gasoline Pumps in Grandfalls Closed for Two Weeks

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

GRANDFALLS - Whether we like it or not, gasoline -- no matter how much it costs -- is something most of us depend on to get around. But folks in Grandfalls are going without the precious resource for two weeks.

In a town of just a few hundred, it's no surprise that there's only one convenience store in Grandfalls.

But it's not so convenient when the only gas pumps in town are out of service for two weeks.

Signs hang from the door, notifying and apologizing to customers about the issue.

The Allsups location is moving their gas pumps from the side of the store to the front to make it easier for customers but that could cause headaches for some.

"We're in a situation where we're 30 miles from Fort Stockton and 20 miles from Monahans," J.D. Stocks said.

Stock is the chief of the Grandfalls Volunteer Fire Department.

"Many of our trucks are brush trucks which really don't get out of town to Monahans," Stocks said.

Stock said it could be a problem if they get any calls.

Their trucks wouldn't have anywhere to re-fuel, but Mother Nature has been on their side.

"Thankfully we haven't had many fires and won't have while this two week period is being done," Stocks said. "If we have to, we can ferry fuel from nearby towns."

Stocks is also superintendent for the Grandfalls-Royalty School District.

We're told the school buses are one of the biggest gas guzzlers in town but luckily this wont effect students too much.

"Most of our kids are in walking distance if that becomes burdensome for them," he said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with several residents. They didn't want to speak on camera but they say the majority of them work in Monahans so they plan on filling up their tanks there in the meantime.

Stocks said with everything else going on in the world, this is just a minor inconvenience.