Police Attempt to Serve Warrant in Odessa, Man Retreats Into House

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It was quite a scene in Odessa on Thursday evening.

Neighbors were told to evacuate their homes as Odessa Police staked out and surrounded a house on South Jackson.

At first, it was believed to have been a dangerous standoff and possible hostage situation.

It turns out; it may not have been as serious as they thought.

It all started in the 1400 block of South Jackson when police went to David Solis' home to serve a warrant.

We're told he is a felon and is wanted for several felony warrants.

When Solis saw the officers approaching his home, we're told he ran inside his house where a woman and a child living with him were inside.

Several officers were called out to the scene.

At one point, officers got on a loud speaker and told the suspect to answer his phone or come out with his hands up.

Because of the situation residents from surrounding homes were evacuated.

Police were eventually called off because they weren't sure if Solis was even in the house.

We're told he was never a threat.