Hobbs Police Department in Need of Police Officers

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, N.M. - In the past decade, the City of Hobbs has nearly doubled their population. There seems to be new construction going up everywhere and employers are constantly looking for new hires. One organization is looking as far away as the West Coast to recruit the workers they need.

According to Interim Chief, Chris McCall, the department is taking a strong stance on recruiting new police officers for the City of Hobbs.

"We added an additional sergeant, another officer to our recruiting efforts. We've been reaching out to regional academies throughout Texas and New Mexico trying to bring them to interview and see if they are a right fit for us," McCall said.

McCall tells NewsWest 9 they want to be able to serve the community in a timely manner and not being fully staffed is hurting them at times especially in the time it takes to respond once a call comes in.

"We have seen a slight increase in response calls, that's something that you never want to see. You want to be able to respond effectively in a timely manner, that is one of our concerns, one of the reasons we are looking to add more personnel to try to reduce that time," McCall said.

City Manager J. J. Murphy says he knows the importance of hiring new police officers for not only for the department, but for the community as well. That's why they are working hand in hand with the Police Department.

"I started a task force three weeks ago in the Police Department just concentrating on new recruiting efforts and seeing what we can do here locally to attract more people to Hobbs," Murphy said.

Just like other employers, Hobbs Police is also offering a hiring bonus to those wanting to be a police officer.

"If you are certified Police Officer and you come to us after a five year period, you are qualified to receive $25,000 bonus directly paid to you and that $25,000 can be utilized as a down payment for a house on the front end," Murphy said.

The department is not only seeking recruits in Hobbs and surrounding areas, they have also been looking as far away as the West Coast to fill the positions that are needed.