Firefighters Called Out to Fire at Midland Elementary School

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland elementary student caused some chaos on Wednesday afternoon.

The school was evacuated after the first grader started a fire in the boy's restroom.

Campus police tell NewsWest 9, teachers in the cafeteria saw smoke coming from a restroom around noon.

They pulled the fire alarm and all the students were evacuated.

A custodian went in and saw a small fire in the trash can, dumped some water on it and put it out.

When fire crews arrived, they blew out the smoke.

We're told there was never a threat to students and they were allowed in shortly after the blaze was put out to finish out the school day.

The Fire Chief says since the culprit was a seven year old, who somehow got a hold of matches, no charges will be filed.