Authorities Continue Investigation Into Big Spring Youth Minister Charged With Sexual Abuse of a Child

Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A Reverend is someone most people look up to and trust, not someone that would cause harm to others, especially a child. Two weeks ago, Samuel Lee Lyte was a youth minister at Mt. Bethel Baptist Church in Big Spring, now he is behind bars and accused of sexual abuse of child under the age of 14-years-old.

A week ago, the Big Spring Police Department received a call from a family member of the young girl telling officials they had reason to believe Lyte was having an inappropriate relationship with the young girl. From that point, the investigation took off.

"Investigators starting looking into the matter that morning, interviewed the girl, and some witnesses and brought Mr. Lyte in for questioning. Following that questioning, he was arrested and charged," Sgt. Tony Everett with the Big Spring Police Department, said.

Everett told NewsWest 9 as far as they know, this is the first time Lyte has committed a crime of this nature.

"This is the first incident we are aware of. We found nothing in his past to show us that this has happened before," Everett said.

After 26 years in law enforcement, Everett says things really don't surprise him until they involve people with professions like the one Lyte had.

"It always surprises you when a person in this type of profession does something like this, it is kinda shocking," Everett said.

Everett says he is pleased to know Lyte won't be able to harm anymore children.

"It makes you feel good when you take someone like this off the streets, like they say he is innocent until proven guilty, so we will wait till the trial and go from there," Everett said.

As far as the investigation goes, Everett says they still have many more people they need to contact.

"It's gonna be an ongoing investigation. We filed our charges in this incident, but that doesn't mean we are not looking to see if there's anything else that we can uncover that he has been involved in. We are gonna keep looking into it until we find out one way or the other," Everett said.

Lyte is currently being held at the Howard County Detention Center. His bond has been set at $43,000.