Local Red Cross On Standby To Assist With Hurricane Sandy

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Emergency crews here in the Basin are standing by just in case they're needed on the East Coast.  The Red Cross in Midland says they are just waiting for that phone call and they'll be ready to assist in any way they can for people living on the Eastern seaboard.

Meanwhile you can track that storm and see if your loved ones are safe through their free hurricane app. The app has direct links to weather alerts from the National Weather Service and you can find shelter locations. You can also monitor locations that matter to you, like in this case, if you have family along the Northeast Coast. Most importantly let others know that you're safe even if the power is out.

"That one is quite important at this time and you can keep track of the storm and if you have any family or friends there you can watch and see how they can be affected," Red Cross Executive Director, Stephanie Murphee, said.

The app is available for I-Phones and Androids. The Red Cross says they have a website called Safe and Well, where friends and family, who live on the East Coast, can register and can give you updates through that site to know if their doing ok.

Red Cross Safe and Well Website: https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php