Thousands Of Permian Basin Voters Not Eligible To Vote

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- Election Day is just over a week away but more than 10,000 voters around the Basin may find their names taken off the eligible voters list when they arrive to the polls, and many don't even know it.

It's a process to get to the polls and vote but some may have to take another step in order to voice their choice.  Voters who haven't updated their address information to the elections office within the last two federal elections including the 2008 Presidential election and 2010 Gubernatorial election, their names will be put on a suspense list.

"The voters that are suspense or they'll come up on record as an 's', that means they have been suspended. That's due to certificates returning, or jury summons returning, and whenever those are returned, we sent out a confirmation card where they can update their address," Ector County Elections Administrator, Mitzi Scheible, said.

Ector County has nearly 3,000 voters on suspense and Midland County has about 10,000 of them.

"If we do not get the confirmation back then they stay on that suspense list for four years which is two federal elections. And after that time, they'll be purged," Scheible said.

If you're on the suspension list, you will have to fill out a blue form, it's a statement of residence form, it'll ask for your first and last name, residence address and mailing address. Just sign it and date it for you to be eligible to vote when you hit the polls.

"This updates their address so the next time they come in, they'll be updated and won't be on the suspended list. That takes them off the suspense list," Scheible said.

She encourages those who aren't sure about their voter status to call their local elections office to find out.