Riding For A Cure: Honoring Judge John Hyde

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midlanders took a ride from downtown to the Vietnam Memorial Saturday, all in efforts to find a cure for cancer.

"To be here and have it in his name is just overwhelming really, I'm just so glad it's still going on," Judge John Hyde's wife, Sharon Hyde, said. "His name is representative of all the lives that were lost this last year due to cancer."

Hyde's husband lost his fight against cancer this past January. He was honored Saturday by riders and supporters who took part in the annual Ride For a Cure, put on by the American Legion.

A picture of him surrounded by flowers was placed at the Vietnam Memorial, because he fought in that war. As riders passed by, Judge Hyde was on their minds.

"Very moving to ride around the memorial and remember what it means to the us and to John. John was very active with this Vietnam War Memorial," Ross Bush, District Clerk of Midland, said.

"It's emotional for all of us. I still have his picture on my refrigerator and I miss him every day as all of us at the courthouse," Mark Dettman, Friend of Judge Hyde, said.

A 21 gun salute commenced the ceremonies at the Confederate Air Force hanger. Those who took part in the ride did it not only to support Judge Hyde but to continue their fight to find a cure for cancer.

"We're going to keep carrying on," American Legion Post 119 President, Kim Rhodes, said.

For Sharon Hyde, even though her husband is no longer on this Earth, she feels she has a mission in this life.

"It helps me to grow and it helps me to get out of thinking about myself to think about other people and that is where I need to be. Because I'm still living on this Earth, there's still people who need to be reached so that keeps me going and keeps me focused on life," Hyde said.

Organizers say that's what Judge John Hyde would have wanted to keep fighting to find a cure.