Residents React To Plane's Emergency Landing in Odessa

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A plane made a surprise landing in an Odessa neighborhood Friday afternoon. It landed on 87th Street between Harvard Ave. and Rainbow Dr. after the plane ran out of gas and had to make an emergency landing.  NewsWest 9 talked to neighbors about the incredible sight in their front yards.

"I came to get my mail and I said and I saw the plane sitting in the street and I thought, wow, a new runway," resident, Sandy King, said.

The Department of Public Safety said the plane was flying into Schlemeyer Field Airport from Arizona when apparently it ran out of fuel.

"The pilot stated his instruments showed he still had fuel left but evidently his gage was a little off and he ran out of fuel just shy of Schlemeyer field and when he realized he wasn't going to make it, he looked the biggest open area he could land and 87th Street is the spot that he chose," Department of Public Safety Sergeant, Hunter Lewis, said.

JR Flores was working on the homes off 87th and Harvard when he saw the whole thing happened.

"The airplane came down over this way, the first set of power lines, he barely went over those ones and then when he got to the second power lines, he barely missed them, he just went right underneath them. It was pretty crazy man, I got pretty shaken up but you know you got safe down and safe on the ground," Flores said.

Three people were inside the plane and no one was hurt. It was just a little excitement for folks living in the neighborhood.

"Something different I never seen, I only lived out here for a month and this is a little bit exciting for our neighborhood, as long as everybody is safe," King said.

A fuel truck was called in to fill up the plane and authorities let the pilot go and land at Schlemeyer Field.

Several streets were blocked off Friday afternoon for about two hours but then they were re-opened. DPS says they won't cite the pilot for landing on the street.