Local Shelters Prepare For Winter Weather

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It feels as if we're already in winter and the weather is expected to be even colder in the next couple of days. This is not good news for homeless people, however Anna Delgado with the Midland Salvation Army, says they are prepared for this type of weather year round.

"Of course, we are always ready and we're always prepared for the cold weather days, more blankets more mats. We do have a dorm that's always filled and even more so we have a dining area that's being filled also," Delgado said.

Delgado says they expect to see more people this year than in years past.

"We are seeing people migrate here from everywhere so people are coming. They are coming without a place to live in hopes they find a job right away. When they don't find a job right away they find themselves in a bind needing food, shelter or whatever the case may be," Delgado said.

She says most are not only looking for a warm bed but also warm food and clothing.

"We do help with coats so we are getting more people coming in for vouchers through our thrift store. People are coming in for breakfast, some more cause they want that hot meal, we will see more people come in for lunch and dinner," Delgado said.

Mack Gesell has been staying at the Salvation Army for a month now, he is trying to get back on his feet and he says the Salvation Army has been helpful by providing a place to stay during the cold nights.

"It's been good you know, I'm not going to say it's been wonderful of course, it's been good, I have no complains about the Salvation Army," Gesell said.

Delgado says they will never turn anyone away even if the dorm is full.

"The dinning area if need be, the hallways hopefully we don't get to that point because we don't like to turn anyone away in the freezing temperatures. We won't turn anyone away so we will have to place them where ever we can," Delgado said.