Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Odessa

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UPDATE: 2:24 P.M. - The plane that made an emergency landing in Odessa has taken off.

UPDATE: 2:05 P.M. - Here's some more information on the plane that made the emergency landing. According to, the flight originated from Ontario, California then landed in Blythe, California on Thursday night. The plane then took off this morning and was en route to Schlemeyer Field but ran out of fuel. The plane is a Piper PA-24 Comanche Aircraft.

UPDATE: 2:00 P.M.

Traffic Advisory: The following roadways/intersections have been shut down while law enforcement investigate the emergency landing of a single engine aircraft; 87th from Cornell Street to Dawn Ave east and westbound lanes.

UPDATE: 1:46 P.M.

NewsWest 9 has learned that the plane that landed at 87th and Rainbow was from Arizona and was going to land at Schlemeyer Field in Odessa. Officials on the scene tell NewsWest 9, the pilot thought he had enough fuel to get him to Schlemeyer Field but the gauges in the plane were malfunctioning, which caused the plane to have to make an emergency landing.


Odessa Police Department Statement - The pilot of a single engine aircraft made an emergency landing on Highway U.S. 385 at 87th Street. He was not injured. The East bound lane of U.S. 385 is closed to traffic. Officials asked that people avoid that area while the scene is being investigated. This incident will be investigated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Once the plane is refueled it will be allowed to take off.

We are working to get more details. Stay tuned here for updates.


We're told that three occupants were on board the plane that landed at 87th and Rainbow in Odessa. It appears the plane landed safely. No word on why the pilot had to make an emergency landing. We do have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information when it becomes available.

ODESSA - NewsWest 9 has learned that a plane has made an emergency landing in Odessa.

Details are limited at this time, however, the plane landed at 87th and Rainbow in Odessa.

It is not yet known why the plane made the emergency landing.

NewsWest 9 has a crew on the scene.

We'll keep you updated with the latest.

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