EXCLUSIVE: Sister of Jailed Woman Claiming Hailey Dunn Was Drugged to Death Speaks to NewsWest 9

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- In an exclusive report, NewsWest 9 spoke with one of the sisters of the jailed woman who claims to know what happened to missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn. This week, NewsWest 9 reported that law enforcement agencies are shifting their investigation of Dunn's disappearance to Odessa.

Sonja Callahan wrote a letter from an Odessa jail claiming she saw a young girl who matched Dunn's description. In the letter, she claims that girl was held against her will and drugged in an Odessa home. She wrote that the girl eventually died of an overdose and was dumped behind the Ector County Coliseum. Investigators reportedly searched the area but didn't find anything. So far, nothing from the letter has turned out to be credible but this investigation is still ongoing.

Sonja Callahan's older sister, Mialinda Martin of Abilene, says Callahan told her this alleged incident was all sparked from a dope deal that went horribly wrong and Hailey was supposedly used as collateral for a drug debt that the teen's family owed.

Roughly four months ago, Callahan sent the letter to one of her sisters, Hope. "My sister, Hope, called me and she's like, 'You really need to...to look at this because she's saying that it's Hailey Dunn,' because she had told her over the phone that it was Hailey Dunn," Martin told NewsWest 9.

To be clear, we're told the letter never actually mentions the girl's name. Martin says that was done in phone calls. Callahan writes that the girl was forcibly held in an Odessa home. She claims she was there to witness all the horror that the teen endured.

"[My sister] said today...whenever I talked to her...she said that it was Hailey Dunn and she went into detail a few days ago on how...what Hailey was wearing...how she was walking back and forth...how they were laughing in her face," Martin said.

The letter also claims the girl was drugged. Martin says Callahan informed her as to why that happened.

"And, the reason that they overdosed her...they gave her drugs...was because she was so 'out of it'...she was so freaked out," Martin said.

According to the letter, the girl reportedly died and her body was dumped behind the Ector County Coliseum. Detectives searched there but found nothing. An investigation is still underway.

Martin adds that her sister has never been a very reliable source of information and has an extensive history of landing behind bars.

"I don't know if I believe it. I don't know if I should or not, you know? I don't. Honestly, I don't know," Martin said.

Martin also told NewsWest 9 that Callahan was a narcotics informant for the sheriff's department in Abilene for nearly 10 years. Officers there said that they cannot divulge into any information as to who they use for informants.

Abilene's KTAB-TV and KRBC-TV are reporting that the FBI is investigating "persons of interest" based off of information provided to authorities in the letter. However, the FBI office we were referred to in Dallas will not confirm nor deny that.