Not Everyone is in Favor of the Upcoming Midland ISD School Bond

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Not everyone is on board with the Midland School District's School bond. In fact, one group has come out in opposition. Those voters live in district two and complain they were left out when the bond was put together and they feel their needs were once again put on the back burner.

"It almost sounds and appears that we need to beg for a campus as opposed to see where the campus is needed," Former MISD District 2 Trustee, George Lara, said.

Lara says the south part of Midland was not taken into consideration during the school bond planning, he feels there are many factors as to why this was.

"Lack of effort of trying to get input, one of public forum, calling back those individuals who were appointed and number three, the lack of representation on the District 2 seat," Lara said.

He says this isn't a Hispanic issue, not having an additional elementary school in the south side is a community problem.

"It's a community concern absolutely if you look at the census data, you look at the students that are currently being transported, it's a diverse population," Lara said.

He says they were mislead into thinking a new school would be built in the south side but later they found out the school would be built South of Highway 191 near the Sports Complex.

According to Lara, this would not benefit children in district 2. However, some Hispanic leaders are keeping quiet on how they feel regarding the bond.

Robert Marquez, who is currently running for district 2 trustee, said, "I am not for it or against it because I can't speak for the constituents in district 2 not till I am an elected official so that's why I am not for or against the bond. It will be up to the constituents to decide that on November 6th," Marquez said.

Marquez told NewsWest 9 although he is not in favor or opposing the school bond, he knows adding a school in the south part of Midland would help the south side community.

"I think it would be prudent to put a school where we have a community already and help start resolving the overcrowding some of the busing and so forth," Marquez said.

Lara did mention although he and the group oppose the school bond, he recognizes if approved, it would benefit all the elementary schools plus update their technology. However, the need of an additional school in the south side of Midland is still greatly needed.