Final Suspect Charged in Gaines County Double Homicide Will Have to Return to Texas

Bobby Ray Ruiz
Bobby Ray Ruiz

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The final suspect charged in the Gaines County double homicide will have to come back to Texas.

Bobby Ray Ruiz was being held at Lea County Correctional Facility and was fighting extradition.

But a Lea County judge will grant the Gaines County district attorney their request of a governor's warrant on Ruiz.

Ruiz has been charged with capital murder and murder for his involvement in the double homicide back in May.

34-year-old Nicomedes Sosa and 32-year-old Juan Castillo were brought back to Texas from Lea County last month

25-year-old Desirae Mata was found in Alabama but did not fight extradition.

All three are also indicted on charges of capital murder and murder.

Back in May, John Allen and Jay Doyal were found shot in a home in Gaines County.