Overtime Pay Approved For Ector County Jailers, Dispatchers

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ECTOR CO.- Ector County Commissioners gave the thumbs up for overtime pay for jailers and dispatch employees at the Sheriff's Office.

Ector County Judge Susan Redford said right now there's currently 10 to 20 vacancies at the Sheriff's office that they're looking to fill.  During Monday's Ector County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Mark Donaldson asked for overtime pay for some of his employees.

"They've gone to work 12 hour shifts and we agreed to pay them overtime for as long as we need," Judge Redford, said.

This will also help meet the mandated ratio requirements of detention officers to detainees.

"Getting a few more applications, still short, so that's what this was, to approve that overtime pay so we can make sure we keep up with the mandated ratio," Donaldson said.

Judge Redford said they anticipated this type of scenario would happen and they planned accordingly. Just two months ago, Sheriff Donaldson asked for eight more deputies to keep up with the growing number of calls but Commissioners only approved four new deputies because of budget concerns.

Now that overtime pay is approved, the Sheriff is still looking to fill a number of vacancies.

"The problem is that we lost several dispatchers so we're having to work them a few more hours," Donaldson, said.

Monday was the beginning of new budget year for Ector County. Judge Redford said the overtime pay starts immediately and will last until till those positions are filled.