Jump in Oilfield Related Traumas at Medical Center Hospital

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Medical Center Hospital has seen a jump in the number of overall traumas, many of which are oilfield related.

Ashley Pitman has only been an emergency room nurse at MCH for one year, but in that short time, she has seen just about everything. Most recently, more people being wheeled through the emergency department doors after being injured out on the oilfields. Medical Center Hospital reports to NewsWest 9 that they've seen a 13% increase in traumas since just last year.

Many of the accidents are coming from problems on the rigs. Mostly, body parts are getting stuck in machinery.

MCH Charge Nurse, David Ramirez, tells NewsWest 9, "It could range from losing part of their finger, to their hand, to losing part of their leg to [even] losing their whole leg. Or, sometimes their whole life."

"I also see a lot of blunt force trauma from things getting out of control and people being in the wrong place at the wrong time," Pitman said.

Ramirez says, "We've had patients that have had stuff fall on them and they've become 'brain dead', basically. They'll die of a brain injury."

Medical Center Hospital staff says these workers need to slow down and realize the life or death implications of their actions.