Train Shipping Containers Being Turned Into Homes

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Housing is hard to find just about anywhere in the Basin but a group of guys in Big Spring are getting creative.

They're offering a unique way of living that they say is both comfortable and affordable.

It's an idea that Dale Avant and his brother Don have had for a while.

The men and their business partner are buying train shipping containers and fixing them up into living spaces.

"They're throwing them away and we thought well we'll recycle them and turn them into little apartments," Dale said.

It sounds crazy but to them it makes perfect sense during the housing crunch.

"We've got eight more being built right now." Dale said. "We believe we'll have them within six or seven weeks."

"It'll average about a week a container to turn one out," Don said.

The containers are bought and remodeled in San Angelo, then shipped to Big Spring.

"They meet all of the plumbing codes, all of the electrical wiring's," Dale said. "They're energy efficient, real easy to clean up. When you close the door and go to sleep at night, you can't hardly hear anything outside of them."

They're also furnished and at about $25,000 a home. The men say they're affordable.

"Instead of owing the bank or owing somebody your whole life you can say well this is kinda paid for," Don said.

These homes can even be picked up and moved.

"Over the years, we've accumulated several pieces of property and this seems just to ideally fit on the lots," Don said.

The brothers said even the city code enforcement department was skeptical.

"They thought man, a shipping container? No, we don't want those here," Dale said. "They walked in and they were just as shocked as you."

But the idea is taking off and these men are just glad to offer some relief.

"Single guys, single women. People raising one child," Dale said. "This is something you could actually afford to live in and even own if you wanted."

If you're interested, you can contact business partner Robert Mesker at 432-466-9277.