Local Business's Feel The Impact of The OIl Show

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The 2012 Permian Basin International Oil Show got underway on Tuesday. Turns out, the show is the biggest money maker for the City of Odessa and has officials hoping it will generate millions of dollars.

However, the show can be a double edged sword for some local business owners. NewsWest 9 spoke with several business owners in the area who were excited the oil show is in town, but since the coliseum parking lot is filled to its capacity with visitors, some are finding other places to park which the owners say is affecting their business.

"It's affected us a little bit, everybody has parked in our parking spaces, some of the high school kids have not been able to get inside to come and eat for lunch." Gaby Reyes, Co-Owner of Garibaldy' Mexican Restaurant, said.

Reyes says they haven't seen their usual customers walking through the doors because their parking lot is busting at the seams.

"We've had a lot of clients tell us that they think its full in here, but there's nobody in here," Reyes said.

Not everyone is seeing a negative impact on their business. In fact, Colby Richardson, Manager at Family PowerSports in Odessa, says this is a great opportunity to promote their business.

"There is really no negative to this for us, this is our core customer base right here coming into the show. We have 35,000 to 40,000 people we are getting all that traffic for free, we are not complaining one bit," Richardson said.

Richardson says unlike other business's they don't charge a parking fee to those that are attending the oil show.

"We would hope that people that park in our lot are coming in and checking out our stuff, but we are not going to be holding people's feet to the fire and trying to collect $10 or $15," Richardson said.

Reyes says they are still busy during the oil show but when the show comes back they might try something different.

"Maybe put out some signs, tell them not to park there unless they're gonna come and eat here. We can let them park there if they come and eat, at least get some business too," Reyes said.

If you want to avoid any parking headaches at the oil show, starting on Wednesday, Family PowerSports in Odessa will be offering free rides to the Coliseum.