Tuesday is 25th Anniversary of Baby Jessica’s Rescue

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - 25 years ago today, all eyes were on Midland as one of the most captivating rescues happened.

Baby Jessica was pulled from the well.

Back in 1987, Jessica McClure Morales, famously dubbed "Baby Jessica" was freed from an abandoned well she fell down while playing in her aunt's backyard.

That began a 58 hour rescue mission that captivated the country and began an emotional nationwide vigil.

Paramedics were able to squeeze into a parallel passageway and slide Jessica out of the hole that was 22 feet underground.

After she was saved, Baby Jessica, became a national sensation and there was even a TV movie made about her rescue.

Donations to Jessica's family poured in during the days of her rescue attempt.

The money the family received was put into a trust fund for Jessica worth up to $800,000.

In March of 2011, Jessica turned 25 and was able to access the fund.

25 years later, Jessica McClure Morales is a 26-year-old married woman and a mother herself.

She also lives mere miles away from where she nearly died