Permian Basin International Oil Show Expecting Big Crowds

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's one of the largest land based oil exhibitions in the world, the Permian Basin International Oil Show has been around for many decades but the economy has alot to do with determining the success of the show.

According to Don Gregory, President of the Permian Basin International Oil Show, this year will be better than previous oil shows.

"This year is going to be great, I mean everything is really booming here obviously if you are living in the Permian Basin right now you know how busy everything is. Everybody is working and so we are really excited I think we are gonna have an absolute great show this year," Gregory said.

A great show means thousands of guests are expected to arrive. We're told people from all over the country will be coming and the attendance record is expected to be incredibly high.

"Online we've had around 25,000 people register, that does not count the ones that have actually come here and physically typed in their names and registered, so before it's all over I wouldn't be surprised if we were up around 40,000, Gregory said.

Byron Baber is from Wichita Falls, this is his first time at the oil show and he hopes the knowledge he gains from this experience will help not only him but the company he works for as well.

"I wanna develop more contacts for our company, that's the main reason we come," Baber said.

If you are interested in knowing what vendors will be making their appearance at the oil show, well there's an app for that. This year the Oil Show will be debuting their app.

"This year, we have am iPhone, Android and Blackberry app that they can download and have a little map, have a list of all the exhibitors so if they wanna get that and download it, it can help them find some stuff," Gregory said.

The Oil Show will only be open for personnel in the oil and gas industry. It opens up Tuesday and concludes on Thursday.