TxDOT To Place Left Lane For Passing Only Signs

Josh Navarro
NewsWwest 9

ODESSA- It's something most drivers know and yet often forget. Now thousands of new signs are going up to remind folks that on highways the left lane is for passing only.

New signs are going up to remind drivers in Texas of "Left Lane for Passing Only" laws on highways with 75 mph or higher speed limits.

The Texas Department of Transportation will be adding 3,400 of those signs.

"Studies show if traffic is moving at the same speed, it is safer and we want to make sure that people if they are driving a little bit slower than 75 to move over to the right and let the faster traffic pass through," Gene Powell with the Texas Department of Transportation Odessa District, said.

Powell said there's about 7,500 roads around the state with a 75 mile per hour speed limit. It's state law to post signs on the highways asking the slower traffic to stay in the right lane. Especially since last year, the legislators approved 85 miles per hour speed limits for some roads in the state. Powell expects the signs to prevent possible crashes.

"Any time you have somebody going the speed limit versus the people who may not be going the speed limit, you don't want a traffic driver weave in and out of traffic," Powell said. "You want to be able to get to the left, pass and get back to the right. The fewer maneuvers a person makes in the vehicle, the safer it is. "

The agency did not immediately provide information on the current number of left lane-passing signs but they say expect them to start popping up in the coming months.

Officials say the signs will be on roadways by summer of next year and they cost $500 dollars each.