Beware if You’re Planning to Rent Out Your Home For the Permian Basin Oil Show

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The Permian Basin International Oil Show is nearly here and dozens of homeowners are hoping to cash in by renting out their homes.

But did you know that without following certain requirements, it might be illegal to do so?

Now, the State Comptroller is coming after a few West Texas homeowners.

It turns out that if you're planning to rent out your home, you must follow the same guidelines as a hotel or motel.

That means you need to first fill out a hotel application.

If approved, you're then required to give the State six percent of whatever you make.

On top of that, you're city or county might also require part of your earnings.

If you're caught not following the rules, you could face a fine.

We've already have some viewers tell NewsWest 9, the State Comptroller's Office has contacted them with a warning.