Business Leaders Say MISD Bond Must Pass to Create a Successful Future Workforce

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- On Wednesday, several members of the Midland business community joined the Midland Chamber of Commerce in support of Midland Independent School District's multi-million dollar school improvement bond proposal.

Pioneer Natural Resources CEO, Scott Sheffield, said, "We're going to be bringing in 150 to 200 employees per year for the next several years as we ramp up our business, continuously."

He and dozens of other Midland business leaders who are also feeling the good effects of a booming economy are in favor of the bond.

"We believe that it is a workforce issue. You have to train students. You have to give them the best education to have the best workforce so it's a business issue for us," Nellwyn Barnett, Midland Chamber of Commerce's Vice President or Chamber Relations, said.

If approved in the November election, the $163 million bond will renovate 24 elementary schools, add three new schools (including one new high school) and give campuses up to date technology.

MISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren says, "Everybody really takes a [deep] breath when you talk about $163 million so if you talk about negativity, it's just them looking at that price tag and then they understand they've got to research what [the bond] means to them, personally."

For an idea of how this hits taxpayers if it passes, the owner of a $250,000 home would pay $8.89 per month in taxes.

For several business leaders and the Midland Chamber of Commerce, it's worth every penny in order to play 'catch up'.

"The [economic] activity level has increased faster than the school system has added to their own schools," Sheffield said.