New Affordable Housing Complex Coming to Midland

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Housing is needed more than ever in the Basin and now with the help of a developer and a city organization, some help is on the way for struggling families.

City leaders broke ground Wednesday on a new apartment complex that's set to open by fall of next year.

Not only will it offer affordable units but officials are hoping it will bring new growth to the south side of Midland.

"Everyday we get stories from families of how their rents are going up and they're not able to keep up with the escalating rent," David Diaz, with the Midland Community Development Corp., said.

Diaz said it's a story that's all too familiar for the MCDC.

"There are alot of families that are doubling up, two families living under one roof," Diaz said.

He said Midland is in need of an estimated 5,000 housing units, but on Wednesday, some relief came in sight.

Leaders broke ground on the new Playa del Pueblo apartment complex on the south side of Midland.

Diaz said the MCDC applied for state funding for the complex over a year ago.

"It really is a culmination of alot of work behind the scenes," Diaz said.

The complex will have 96 units, ranging from one to three bedrooms. The best part? It's affordable.

"The rents here at Playa del Pueblo will range from approximately $500 to $1,000," Debra Guerrero, with the NRP Group, said.

"Rental rates are set and mandated by the State of Texas because they're the largest investor in this project," Diaz said.

The NRP Group is the developer behind this project. Guerrero said the housing crisis made Midland stand out against other cities.

"It's displacing working families and so this was the opportunity to bring in quality affordable housing into the southern Midland area," Guerrero said.

Councilwoman Vicky Hailey said she's excited to see development in her district, especially near the Interstate.

"I think it will revitalize the community, it will help with economic development and it will restore a way of life that we have here," Hailey said.

Although housing in the Tall City has a ways to go, all agree they're headed in the right direction.

"You can't develop communities like these without the support, the active support, of the local government," Guerrero said.

"Ninety-six is not a big number compared to the actual need but we gotta start somewhere," Diaz said.

In order to qualify for a unit, you must be at 60% of the area median family income.

Playa del Pueblo is a $13 million project and it will open in Fall of 2013.