Midland County Rodeo Bullfighter Fighting for His Life After Accident With a Bull in East Texas

Staff Report
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MIDLAND COUNTY - A young rodeo bullfighter from Midland County is fighting for his life after a tragic accident in an arena with a bull.

We've had several phone calls to our newsroom of people wanting to spread the word about the well-respected rodeo bullfighter.

Right now 27,-year-old Cody Hollums is in a coma at the East Texas Medical Center Hospital in Tyler.

We're told he responded to some commands on Monday morning and his family is holding out hope.

The accident happened on Saturday night in Lufkin at a bull riding memorial.

That's when a rider was thrown off a bull and Cody rushed in to protect him.

However the bull began spinning around and hit Cody in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

As the bull continued spinning, one of its legs kicked Cody on the side of the head.

Cody was immediately taken to a Lufkin hospital and was later airlifted to a hospital in Tyler.

We're told Cody lives in Midland but he has family in Greenwood.

He has been working with the championship bull riding circuit for five years.

The bull riding memorial in East Texas that Cody Hollums was working in actually has a connection to the Basin.

The memorial ride was for 50-year-old David Wisener from Lufkin.

You may remember, back in March, Wisener was hauling bulls in a trailer off Interstate 20 in Midland County.

Two semi's crashed in front of him and exploded.

Wisener was right behind the crash and had no choice but to drive through the wall of flames.

He was killed in the crash.