Possible New Changes Coming to Forsan ISD

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORSAN - There could be some changes coming to Forsan I.S.D, they want to look into building a new elementary school which will be closer to the secondary school or doing some renovations to their existing building.

Although they are only in the preliminary stages of deciding whether or not to call for a bond election, district officials say they feel the support of the community.

On Monday, the Forsan School District took their first step to determine the future of the elementary school in Forsan. They will interview two architectural firms in hopes that one will help them with the plans the district has for the campuses.

"As you may know, there's about 15 miles that separates our elementary school from our secondary campus right now, so if we are going to build a new building it makes sense that we would put that close to that secondary campus as far as sharing staff back and forth, that would be tremendous help," Superintendent Randy Johnson said.

Johnson says a lot of studies must be conducted before the School Board can vote on a bond election.

"We would know some of their feedback, have that to take to the board and hopefully ask for some board action by February or March of next year with the idea that if we had to go to the voters to ask for permission to sell a bond, have a bond election, that would take place in May of 2013," Johnson said.

He says although they are in the preliminary stages of possibly adopting a bond, the community is supportive of the idea.

"So far the feedback has been great. The people that are actively involved with either this campus or the secondary campus have been very excited about the possibility and seem to and feel like it would be like a good move for us," Johnson said.

If a bond were to pass, he tells us of what the future might hold for the elementary building.

"The school district has some ideas and some things that we could still do here possibly expanding programs or a new program that maybe we could co-op with other school districts to use so we hope the use of this building is not over," Johnson said.