Trailer Home Removed After Shooting in West Odessa

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - New information on a shooting that happened in West Odessa that sent four people to the hospital. The Ector County Sheriff's Office has released the names of the individuals involved and a better idea of why a travel trailer was removed Monday from the place where the shooting happened.

As investigators secure a search warrant to a travel trailer where Sunday's shooting happened so they can collect evidence, it turns out it was reported stolen from the City of Odessa among other things.

"We contacted OPD and had them come out and took custody of that trailer," Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson, said. "In that process, we also found a 2004 Suzuki motorcycle that was also reported stolen out of OPD and a utility hauling trailer that was reported stolen from OPD and it was turned over to them."

As authorities removed the travel trailer, a blood stain from Sunday's incident is still on there. Sheriff Donaldson says, Adam Prieto was living at the travel trailer. Both he and Nykole Bretz were inside at the time, when another couple came in and things got heated.

"Brandon Hayes and Heather (McCullough) showed up at the trailer and there was some sort of confrontation inside the trailer, which started in there and expanded outside when all the shots were fired," Donaldson said.

A pistol was found but investigators aren't sure if it was actually used or not. The Sheriff says they are looking for the other weapons that were used.

The two women, Bretz and McCullough, who were shot, have been released from the hospital and are being questioned. Meanwhile the two men, Prieto and Hayes, are in critical condition.

No one has been arrested yet and no word on what may have triggered the shooting nor who shot who.