Missing Radioactive Rod Found in Reeves County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - A tiny, little radioactive rod that sparked a massive search three weeks ago has finally been found and you won't believe where.

It was only seven miles away from the oil rig in Reeves County where it was lost.

An oilfield worker discovered it on a lease road that runs into the road that goes into the well site.

We're told the road had recently been smoothed out and the rod was just laying on it.

An oilfield worker noticed it, told authorities and the rod is now back in the hands of Halliburton.

You'll remember it was sent down in a well bore to take pictures for measurements.

Halliburton said they lost it while it was on its way from Reeves County to Upton County.

Even the National Guard stepped in to help look for it.

No word on if the man who found it received the award for the discovery.