Odessa Residents Unaware of City Ordinance Regarding Garage Sale Signs

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Having a garage sale is a quick way to make a buck but those signs and posters people put up to advertise them are illegal.

"Honestly I didn't know I hadn't heard anything on the news or anywhere else," Odessa resident, Veronica Perez, said.

"I've never had anybody tell me anything," Odessa resident, Judi Hernandez, said.

These two Odessa residents didn't know the city had an ordinance against placing garage sales signs either on utility poles, stop signs or even on sidewalks.

According to Darlene Mays, who is an Odessa Code Enforcement Officer, the signs are all over town and people are placing them everywhere.

"To go and post them in the street, middle of the street or on the street corners or the utility poles, that's definitely a no no," Mays said.

Mays tells NewsWest 9, they spend hundreds of hours removing these signs from the streets. She says because they are short handed, they are having to approach this problem in a different way.

"We can take legal action on that, again with the shortage that we have and with so many signs out there throughout the day, then we just don't have the manpower to do those types of citations at this point," Mays said.

She says having a garage sale sign is not against city ordinance, it's signs on places where they shouldn't be placed is what's giving them the headaches.

"We pick up hundreds of signs on Monday morning trying to clear our street corners or trying to clear the utility poles, so that we don't have all this trash and debris that's floating around our city," Mays said.

As for Judi, since she knows now of the city ordinance regarding garage sales signs she says, she will have to find other ways to advertise her garage sale in the future.

"I'll probably have to use social media more and probably spend a little bit more money advertising, that's probably what I am gonna have to do," Hernandez said.