Man Caught Trying to Cross the Border With 700 Pounds of Marijuana Won’t be Prosecuted Yet

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MARFA - Luis Loya, the man who was caught trying to cross 700 pounds of marijuana through the Marfa checkpoint last week won't be prosecuted yet.

The Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney in Alpine tells NewsWest 9 at this point in the investigation, there isn't enough evidence to prosecute Loya.

They didn't want him to take him to court because there's a chance he could be acquitted and he would have to be tried again.

They decided to dismiss the case until they get more evidence to re-open it.

Last week, agents found the pot in 10 metal containers that were tucked away in a compartment, underneath the bed of a truck.

As Loya was being arrested, he took his cell phone apart, which led agents to believe he may be connected to organized crime in Mexico.